A momment of Gaming reflection – Do the mario


Ladies and gentlemen, we here at the armada are broskis (like bronies but for wrestling), as such we watch Z! True Long Island Story created by the Internet Champion Zack Ryder as well as CHI! True Long Island Story hosted by Michael Chiappetta (ZR best friend). While not as dynamic as Zack, Chi does his best to entertain the masses with odd ball antics and a cast of characters that could make of their own wrestling federation. Why do you care? I’m glad you asked.  One of Chi’s gimmicks is putting people who  dance better than him on his title intro; they’re usually very ‘unique’ but last week’s episode was downright inspired –we can now mark Chi as a video game fan, represent.





What Santa brought me (Product Placement) – Zack Ryder Baseball cap



Ok broskis the next Christmas gift we got is a bit more practical but still smacks of awesomeness – the Zack Ryder Baseball cap. Now a little backstory; Zack Ryder is a wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) but he was under rated and destined for obscurity – that is until he used the power of the internet to change is fortunes. I’m serious, he’s been doing a once a week show on youtube that has gained a following so massive that it propelled him to stardom in the organization (and the show is not even a year old yet!). As such all sorts of new merch has been created and I have one of the newest ones; but is it worth the extra Christmas rush pricing?



The Look: The colors are black, orange, and purple – a scheme that usually reserved for Pimp M.O.D.O.K. For the hat however it works, on the front is a funky jagged Z with a jagged spike through the middle. On the back has one simple yet proud statement: Broski. The ‘O’ on the word is shaped like a diamond with the Z spike inside of it as well.


The Operation: You apply directly to the top part of head.


The Result: It protects your eyes from the sun, keeps your head moderately warm and as an added bonus – looks cool.





The Verdict



This hat makes proud to be a Broski! It’s unique but not the eye catcher you would expect. Comfortable and has a nice embedded rim all the way around, no need to play around with the size tabs on the back. Finally it’s just a good gift; I would have been satiated with an Antonio Spurs cap but this much better.




The top three things Armada is thankful for this year

And that's why we eat turkey, cause they're jerks



Well its Thanksgiving here is the states where we enjoy a giant meal and be thankful for the blessings we got whether big and small – Armada’s no different. We got a lot to be thankful for really, it has been a very interesting year; so even though we’re going to be with our families we’re still Armada and here’s the top three things Armada is thankful for 2011.




3. Video Games



As True Backlash would say: “This is a big duh and a quarter”.  This site is called ‘Video Game Armada’ because we like video games a lot (well at least I do). There has always been something about them that was different from any other entertainment media in the world. They have the potential to have a story as epic as any novel, music as memorable as any symphony, cost as much as any movie to produce, be shown at home like any TV show, be as portable as any media player, and now use the internet as well as any computer. Video games are individual experiences from one game to the next, range from guilt free fun to truly educational. So in short Video Games are f’n awesome and they only get better from here.




2. Original internet media



Let’s face it, modern TV sucks… I mean it, I used to watch TV all the time and no matter what was on it was worth watching. Now all the good shows are either canceled (The Cape R.I.P.) or don’t exist. However there is an oasis of hope people – the internet. Everyone and their mama knows the entertainment valve of YouTube, but that’s just the start. There are various abridging series, homemade shows, and even podcasts that blow anything with a Kardashian in it out of the water. Seriously Tuesday nights are usually the best night for viewing and if want to laugh for booty off try ‘Z! True Long Island Story’. Thank you O.I.M. without you all our console would have been worn out this year.



1.  You



It’s cliché but its true, thanks to all the Armadaites out there Video Game Armada is more popular than ever! After all what’s an site devoted to the most awesome (and other) things in the world without people reading or watching? A sad exercise in failure that’s what, so from all of us here at Armada (or somewhere at this moment ) thank you. And as an added bonus we have a nice December issue of Game Informer to give away to one loyal site goer. The first person to shoot us with an email (at vgarmada@gmail.com) with the phrase: “Winner, winner; chicken dinner” along with a mailing address will get the mag with our blessings. Once again thank you all for your views and have an excellent Thanksgiving.



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