Mini Game Review: Zombie High Vol.2

Zombie High vol2


Jane Valentine is back baby! Bring the pain to VMs and winning cool points for the dude for her dreams Tommy. Yes – as you can guess Zombie High Vol.2, the latest FTP CYOA story written by Erin Foster Hartley is live and in living black ’n white text.  Like the first volume you play as teenager Jane Valentine, the daughter of a famous general father and scientist mother, who’s starting her first day at high school. However the catch is that this is thirteen years into the zombie apocalypse and what’s left of Humanity went into hiding. So in addition to trying not to be a lame dweeb, pull home straight A’s, impressive the ‘dreamy’ (her words, not mine – so technically I’m not saying again) Tommy Fernando, but you have to fight a random zombie horde from time to time AND not become one yourself. Yeah Vol.1 was a great game/story and Vol.2 continues from where that left off. The important stats points as always are: Infection, Bullets, Cool, and Humanity. Cool and Humanity points are gains by doing cool things (in the eyes of teenagers mind you) or not being a jerk. Those points will add to your final score at the end. Infection and Bullet points have a more active effect in the game where bullets allow you to use stronger attacks while if you get too many Infection points – then you’re a zombie and the game is over.  Vol.2 still has players killing zombies and mackin on Tommy, however we get to delve more into the universe of Zombie High and explore the mysteries of the VM Zombies themselves – there maybe more to them than meets the eye. This is another great game and good read in the series, the choices are challenging but players can usually make good choices if your pay attentions to the facts of the scenario. It’s a Pass and definite download today, just make sure you play the first volume before you do.