Games and Gear (of E3 2017): Call of Duty WWII


Hopefully we’ll all hear the call this November.







Games and Gears (of 2017): Resident Evil 7 Biohazard



Well people, do you want to escape your reality for the next four years, starting now? Well gaming is always an excellent choice. But which games to get? That’s where the Video Game Armada, and it’s newest Games & Gears list comes in.

Walkthrough 4 U: Zombie High – Volume 10



Well people, Jane, and by extension the players, have been through quite a journey. Humbly starting as the new kid in a new school trying to impress the boy of your dreams; to where we are now with you a human-zombie hybrid, trying to stop the corrupt leader of your home from killing you, your friends, your family, and kidnapping a little girl who might save the world from the zombie plague. Add a ship full of cultist and the stakes couldn’t be any higher. This is the last chapter sadly people, but who knows, maybe we’ll get a spin off: ‘Sven: the Conquest’ or something. For now let’s end this right.





Do you have a problem with that? 

You have returned Ava to him 

Shrug and defer to Dr. Marconi 

Try to get him alone 

Continue the negotiation 

Leave the body 

Search the lower deck 

Drag the body out 

Attempt to take control 

‘Take off your masks!’ 




Kill them later  

Consolidate the weapons  

Put your hands up 

Let her go  

Talk to them 

Appeal to Ava 

Hug her 

Talk to Headshot and Brozo 

Do this later 

Weigh anchor immediately 

Ask Dr. Marconi to intervene 

Just concentrate on escape 

Run out on the deck




Try to stall for time  

Trust him 

‘Let’s take some time’ 

The SCUBA idea 


Communicate with Headshot 

Find Gloria 

Stay where you are 

Sven should hack 




Try to talk to them 

Submit to the interview 

Go along with the scan 

Rush Bennett  

Go for the switchblade 

Just use handle 

Drop the knife and surrender  

An evil and corrupt government 

Keep talking 




Listen to your council 

Go see Tommy







Walkthrough 4 U: Zombie High – Volume 9



Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope your turkey is always hot and the stuffing fills you to the brim. So what better post for the most hungry of holidays but zombies of course. More to the point,  Zombie High Volume 9. Where we last left off Jane found a cure for her Zombie problem, which is great, and the added bonus of keeping a lot of her HFVM abilities like being invisible to zombies is a plus. However the president of your underground bunker, and the leader of the conspiracy against your family, is now sending her best spec opt soldiers to take care of you. Puting their best foot forward at the start is a rocket launcher at your face – ouch… So now is a race for survival, even with your retained abilities can you stand up to this onslaught? Well with this answer key you certainly can; let’s begin.







  • Hide
  • Confide in Sven
  • Steakout the radio
  • Continue the argument
  • Check your defenses
  • Go for the hallway
  • Retreat
  • Go after Bennett
  • Throw the cocktail now
  • Use the car




  • Stay in this configuration
  • Leave her for now
  • Go after Ava
  • Under the pickup truck
  • Stay put
  • Leave for the hotel
  • Carry her
  • Take out the VM climbing in
  • Let Sven try his plan




  • Say you’ll come back for her
  • Give Meow the cure
  • Wait until morning
  • Try Sven’s sheet idea
  • Use the alley to get further a away
  • Stick together
  • Douse the lights
  • Ask Headshot to signal






Walkthrough 4 U: Zombie High – Volume 8



Jane has been through a lot since the first volume however nothing so trying as keeping her humanity as a HFVM. Sure you’re stronger, tougher, and invisible to other zombies but there that nagging problem of wanting to eat people that keeps coming up. So far, at least in my playthroughs, Jane has resisted but that hunger is getting stronger and even her allies are not safe. So the need for a cure is paramount but is there such a thing, and if so can it be created? What about the conspiracy back home with Glory Goodbody and the President, will they just turn a blind eye to the only person that could expose and stop them? Well to find out play Zombie High Volume 8, and as usually the Armada has got a walkthrough for you if you need it.





  • You (not the optimal answer, but definitely the right one. Suck it vol. 8)
  • Help
  • Ask Ava
  • Get food and water
  • Look for supplies
  • Security check
  • Amuse Ava
  • Take her outside
  • Go alone
  • ‘It’s called Mr. Moose’s Revenge.’
  • Go with Ava
  • Continue searching
  • Take the cure now
  • ‘Agreed! Do you know of one?’




  • Take it slow and do a test
  • Go to perimeter
  • Go alone
  • Use the sewers
  • Give him a peck
  • Enter the sewers
  • Continue on cautiously
  • Continue with additional stealth
  • Shine the light on yourself
  • You’re older than you look
  • Allow the scan
  • Show them the sewer map
  • Give them a copy
  • Travel on the surface


——- End ——-





Walkthrough 4 U: Zombie High – Volume 7

ZH8 pic

Halloween may be over but that doesn’t mean the ghouls are, that’s right back by popular demand the Walkthrough 4 U for Zombie High Volume 7! Honestly Delight Games has been cranking out the volumes for Zombie High lately and only now have I had the time to address them (The life of an Omnigamer is awesome but unending). However I can’t have ZH fans left in a lurch, so this walkthrough will be the first of many in the coming days. Being super zombie, depending on your alignment, is either a nightmare or heaven. Jane now has enhanced strength, speed, endurance and increased healing – the trade off of course is the desire to consume human flesh. So in order to survive this ordeal players must be both crafty and lucky to make it.  Fortunately this walkthrough will also help, however I must mention I’m doing the vegan approach to this run so no people and or meat will be eaten. Which mean damage will be persistence and if you go off the walkthrough to try a different path you may die – a lot. With that said enjoy!




  • Look
  • Act
  • Go where the action is
  • Try nearby buildings
  • Climb
  • Go for the window
  • Dive
  • Drop
  • Try to contact Sven
  • Ask questions
  • The fecto
  • Run
  • Wait
  • Stick him up
  • Leave it
  • Say his vanity is coming in handy
  • Make a wisecrack
  • Storm in







  • Ask directions from someone
  • Motion to Sven
  • Follow
  • Make up
  • Chastise
  • Listen
  • Shrug
  • Pull Opal
  • Sec President
  • Rush Bennett
  • Lie
  • ‘I want to rescue you’
  • Look
  • Ask Ava
  • Don’t
  • Take a minute
  • Take some time
  • Go for the lab







Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Frank West)



Journalist, photographer, and in prompt to zombie smasher; Frank West is a man who wears many hats, helmets, and serve bot heads. Never did he think the scoop at Willamette mall would change his life as much as it would change the world. Zombies and goverment bio weapons tests are enough to get any journalist a golden ticket to fame and fortune, but the trick is surviving the zombies and black ops groups determined to keep you quiet. However like any good photojournalist Frank adapted to the situation, did some light reading, put on a dress, blended questionable things into a green smoothie, met interesting (yet dangerous) people and took their MacGyver like stuff. Well I’m glad to say Frank survived, although infected with the zombie virus, and became famous once more – briefly. Being a journalist is a hard knock life (trust me I know) and Frank didn’t stay on top for long, but we can fix that by becoming Frank West for Halloween! Take perfect photos for “PP”, wears a mega buster on one arm (it makes sense), and wear your best dark brown, white, brown. Before you know it everyone will say you look — (wait for it) Fantastic!




Walkthrough 4 U: Zombie High – Volume 6



You know after the end of Volume 5 you would think Jane and Tommy would have lived happily ever after, a cure for the zombie plague would have found, and the human race would start rebuilding the world. Nope! Jane, in her greatest victory, will face her greatest challenge yet – becoming the enemy. Don’t worry dear players; once again the VG Armada got you covered in this thrilling (yet oddly short) chapter.





  • ‘Ha! What a nerd!’
  • Just take off your shirt
  • Wink
  • Life will be good
  • Shove back
  • Call dad
  • Put your hands up
  • Sarcastic remark
  • Just go up Stairs
  • Use some humor
  • ‘They can wait for my book’
  • ‘We mustn’t tarnish their memory’
  • Keep him captive
  • No
  • ‘You have time to take a poll?’
  • Not yet
  • Tell her this is nonsense
  • Through audience
  • Sprint forward
  • Slow down and talk
  • In Skit
  • Leave
  • Don’t call anyone yet
  • The alleyway
  • Try to eat
  • Call out
  • Keep distance
  • Find Ava
  • ‘I meant sexy’
  • Wait
  • Leave it





  • Go to sound of battle
  • Climb wall
  • Repair breach
  • Throw debris
  • Get closer
  • Scouting
  • Grazed
  • Accept
  • Lie
  • ‘I’ll take care of it’
  • Go for gate



Games & Gear of 2015: Dead Island 2 (2015)



Ah Zombie games, they’re everywhere aren’t they! Dying Light released only weeks ago and it doesn’t suck so undead titles is here to stay. Funny enough the creators of Dying Light also created the original Dead Island, a fun if not MMOish style of game. They chose not to do Dead Island 2 in lieu of Dying Light so this sequel, in many ways, will be its own game. So the plot is standard: Pharmaceutical company + science = Zombies, you play one of four survivors in California under siege. After that it’s all open playground stuff; find weapons, build weapons, make awesome vehicles, and of course handle the zombie problem one dead head at a time. Time will tell if DI 2 will be open world fun house or a title that’s beating a dead horse. I’m willing to give it a chance because not to long ago I took a chance on the original Dead Island, and had a good time, so it’s only fair to give this stand-alone sequel the same courtesy.








Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Mario)



It’s back people, one our more popular segments: Gameroween! That’s right people, that special time of the year  were we talk about the combination of video games, Halloween, and how excellent they are when they come together. Of course video game character costumes are first, however this year is special because it’s a smash year – as in a new Super Smash Brothers game(s) is on the way (the first ever handheld version is already out and yes the review will be posted soon ). So for our support of the new smash games our costume picks this year will all be characters from the new games – starting with Mario. Honestly people I don’t know why we didn’t suggest this before; I mean it’s not the most original costume choice but neither are vampires or zombies (which are the same thing really) and I still see people dressing like them every year so why not a video game icon. The genius of a Mario costume is that it’s EZ: overalls, red shirt, red cap, fake mustache (or a real one if you got the facial hair) and your done.   Everyone will know you, luv U, and most importantly give you the sweet candy that you want. If your costume is really good you might be able to sneak into Nintendo of America headquarters and get some good game previews before anyone else – but I wouldn’t try it that Reggie bot might still be around.