This just in (or not) – Twenty five years to life with Tetris

Ok people stand up and give props to a game legend: Tetris. This year (it was on June 6 actually) the puzzle classic reaches 25 brains crunching, multi-colored, didy humming years of entertaining us all. Virtually impossible not to play (or love) as it’s available on almost every console (since the beginning of time) and PC with an internet connection. Ridiculously easy to play but impossible to master, it was only equaled to the Rubik’s cube in pure puzzle enjoyment. Alexey Pajitnov, the game’s creator, only got a computer for Tetris at first; but now has a company devoted to the Tetris band in all its forms across the world. I am thoroughly convinced (and so is Time) that Tetris is an irreplaceable game that helped make video games what they are today. So thank you Mr. Pajitnov for making a game that changed the world; and making normal gamer shlumbs like me a little smarter in the process. This is for you:

Simpsons Tetris clip