Games & Gear of 2014 – The Elder Scrolls Online (4/4/2014)



You know people, it must be a thing these days with large, successful, games to becoming MMOs sooner or later. I mean World of Warcraft did it, Knights of the Old Republic did it, and now Elder Scrolls are doing it with Elder Scrolls Online. Set a Millennia before the events of Skyrim; players can join one of three factions to help defeat the demonic Prince Molag and his minions of Oblivion. Now Bethesda promises that other than the fact that it is online, it will just like any other Elder Scrolls game you’ve ever played. Which means plenty of wide open spaces to travel, endless dungeons to explore, towns to buy houses in (and rob houses you don’t own), and plenty of fights to get into. One player Elder Scrolls games are bad enough, but an MMO Elder Scrolls game is downright dangerous. No one will go to work, or eat, or sleep, humanity will end. Oh well, we had a good run – because no one on the planet is not going to play this title.