This just in (Or not): Sly Cooper movie in 2016


I can’t believe it people, this is incredible. Sly Cooper has not only been a main stay of the Playstation (3 out of 4) consoles of years, but icon to modern video game culture in general. Their series has always been colorful, light hearted adventures where an anthropomorphic crew of Robin Hood style thieves steals from the crooked and dodges from the authorities. Even their latest title, Sly: Thieves in Time, was spot on and gave players another awesome Sly Cooper experience (even though it ended in a mystery). However never in my wildest thoughts did I think their next adventure would be a in the movies, but makes perfect sense when you watch the trailer. Good characters, a classic premise, humorous, family friendly, and who doesn’t like donuts. People, the melding of video games and all other forms of media is closer than ever before – and I love it, but sadly this movie won’t be out until two years from now. However this movie, made by the same animation studio, is only a year away:




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