Games & Gear of 2014 – Titanfall (3/11/2014)



Now people, you ask any gamer on the street what two games will be the landmark titles that will define the new year and most likely your get Destiny and Titanfall as the answer. Sure they’re FPSes but their take on the genre makes a lot of players (like myself) excited. Titanfall, for example, is an online only game; however it features a single player story. How does that work? By adding elements like NPCs and plot based objectives into its matches. Another plus is that this game is a fantastic hybrid of mech and sci-fi shooter; meaning that normal shooting parts and mech piloting stuff, is all well-balanced and not lacking. Mech Assault 2 and Starhawk tried this, but once someone got in a mech it was over for the non-mech players; in Titanfall having a mech is an advantage but is not a killer app (or I hope not). Finally this title is headed up by Respawn Entertainment, the same talented crew who created the good Call of Duty games, and if we all know one thing the good CoD games excel at is frantic, awesome, balls to the wall combat glory. Pedigree + potential = win; pick this game up on March 11th.






Games & Gear of 2014 – Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (3/4/2014)



It’s odd people; as much as I hate zombies on TV and movies (mainly due to over saturation)I play more than my fair share of zombies  game and this will be one of them. It takes place in the Ninja Gaiden universe where restless ninja Yaiba wanted to prove that he’s was stronger than series protagonist Ryu Hayabusa – he wasn’t. Fortunately for him being killed only cost an eye & arm (both now replaced with elite tech); now with zombies, of all things, on the rise, Yaiba’s (who might be one of them) goals have been complicated but have not changed – to defeat Ryu.  And it doesn’t who he has to go through, living or dead, to meet his goal. See if the Walking Dead had more cybernetic, vengeful, zombie ninjas in it I would actually care about it – but that’s just me.